We modernize elevators with very competitive prices. The building looks better, operation is quieter, passengers enjoy safety and comfort, maintenance costs and energy consumption are reduced. There are many reasons to call Ascensorul Company Service SRL to modernize your elevator. Find out more.

When is recommended and useful elevator upgrading?Modernizare ascensoare

The normal operation life of an elevator is 25 years (when overhauling is required), while tax norms accept for depreciation of an elevator 8-12 years, after which the modernization of the elevator is an option worth taking in account due the benefits it can bring owners, namely:

• Increased safety

• Reduce operating costs

• Increased comfort and quality of transport

• Reconditioning - renovation of the cabin

An important criterion by which owners are turning to modernize the elevator is obsolescence.

If the modern look and superior functionality by installation were not considered important, it is possible that after a few years quieter operation, increased speed of movement and a more modern cabin becomes desirable. Not least the matter that a modern elevator and elegant, is a true visit-card for the building, its tenants and owners.

Physical wear of the elevator turns crucial for making the decision to modernize the elevator.

The signs of prematurely wear are visible, such as the occurrence of faults that require intervention in addition to periodic inspections scheduled, reappearing to break functionality that requires emergency intervention, especially when blocking with people between floors but also accidents, or less visible such as increasing costs needed for repairs and higher energy consumption.

Accelerated wear may be caused by incorrect sizing and configuration characteristics of the elevator on installation according to frequency of use and operating system, but quality of the maintenance during warranty and post-warranty, as well. Appearance and comfort level are conditioned by the mode of operation from the passengers, when cabin renovation is necessary for reasons of aesthetics and hygiene, but also for passenger safety, which can be affected by removing or destruction of the equipment.

Services provided by Ascensorul Company Service SRL for elevator modernization

• Quality of service for passengers

Microprocessor control panel increases the speed of the elevator by about 20% compared to the same model that is equipped with a traditional control system. By the collective order panels, for elevators used in institutions, the average waiting time for passengers on each floor is reduced by 20 to 40% compared to elevators generation matured in terms of obsolescence;

Introduction of electronic components can significantly increase reliability, flexibility and precision in operating the modernized lifts and travel comfort, precision leveling can be programmed, while the controller frequency for automatic door opening command and control their smooth operation.

• Superior safety

Lately standard technology and safety regulations have undergone significant changes in order to enhance the safety of lifts in operation. In this context Ascensorul Company Service SRL ensures the modernization process by installing sensors to detect overload of the cabin, safety barriers full height doors, installation of a telephone module or emergency communication systems with the service provider.

• Reduced energy consumption

Installing a common type VVVF regulator provides control over the power consumed by the engine, leading to reduced energy consumption by 50% and a winch less mechanical wear.

• Renovation cabin

The possibilities for renovation and change the design of the cabin are more and more spectacular, while costs are falling steadily, reaching a level unimaginable a few years ago. You can now opt for a modern interior with steel floors, walls painted electrostatic in desired color according to RAL code and ceiling provided with modern lighting grid, elegant in which the walls are made of modern and resilient materials –veneer looking of valuable wood species, or futuristic - techno style where you may choose the type of granite for floors, while walls may be stainless steel brushed or mirror finish.

There are also many other options, which we will be honored to introducing to you on request.

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Worldwide producers of elevators and specific equipment introduce their offers and are honored to associate their brand the quality of the services provided by Ascensorul Company Service SRL, due to the professionalism in installing elevators, certified by numerous accreditations, but maintenance services, repair and periodic inspections of the lifts installed without equal in terms of cost, technological rigor and promptness, as well.

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